Lesser known links and articles about MH17

MH17: An examination of evidence from social media — June 7, 2015 (outdated draft) — PDF

Max van der Werff's sites: 7mei.nl and kremlintroll.nl

Hector Reban's articles: hectorreban.wordpress.com

Another Dutch guy's site: whathappenedtoflightmh17.com

Arnold Greidanus' articles: (1) Re-examining the Luhansk video, (2) What you see is all there is: re-examining the Oplot, BUK and Vostok convoys on July 17th, 2014, (3) The annotated Bellingcat MH17 primer, or: some questions to which Bellingcat does not provide answers (yet)

Andrew's report: MH17 – Zaroshchenske

Michael Kobs' report (PDF): haunt-the-buk-en-rev2-1.pdf

Gabriele Wolff's articles (in German): gabrielewolff.wordpress.com

Almaz-Antey's pictures from October 13 presentation (PDF): Almaz-Antey-October-13.pdf

Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, Who is He? Everything You Need to Know…

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